The North Shore Challenge – Individual – Round 1

The North Shore Challenge - Round 1 Judging

February 27th, 2017- ** New Time 07:00pm**

We will be selecting the final Individual images for the North Shore Challenge, which will be held on March 5 at the Kay Meek Theatre.

The judges will score all of the individual images based on the same criteria as the North Shore Challenge, in order to choose the best image from each of the individuals who submitted up to three images. If an individual has two or more images with the same high score, then we will conduct a tiebreaker, where the images are displayed and the judges decide the winning image to advance to the Challenge.

We will show a maximum of 310 images at the Challenge including both Club submissions and Individual Submissions. Therefore we may need to eliminate the lowest scoring images from Round 1, which will be determined based on the total number of Club entries. Currently there are 31 clubs participating with 6 images each, which will be 186 Club images, leaving 124 Individual entries for the Challenge.


  1. Derek Hayes
  2. Dr. Robert Ito
  3. Neil le Noble

At St Anthonys Church in West Vancouver. This will be in lieu of our normal workshop for the month of February

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