President’s Report

North Shore Photographic Society AGM President’s Report

The Year In Review September 2016 – June 2017

The North Shore Photographic Society can only run effectively with the help of its members. We have a number of dedicated volunteers who do a wonderful job to keep the club running. Thank you to the dedicated volunteers who continue to help the club operating smoothly. This year had a number of changes in our volunteers. We also have several key vacancies that will need to filled, including CAPA Liason, Digital Competitions, Equipment Setup, Print Assistant, and Refreshments. Many of these jobs can be shared and just take a little bit of time and effort to ensure that the club has enough help, please do consider offering to help with some of the roles.

This year marks the end of an era, as we were given notice that the club will no longer be able to use St Anthony’s church, and a committee of several members led by Margo Dornan started looking for a new home. We were fortunate to find our new home at the Unitarian Church at 378 Mathers Dr, West Vancouver. Thanks to all the hard work by the committee to find the new location and continue to make arrangements to use the new location. This includes moving our equipment, finding a screen, and all of the logistical details in setting up the new home.

In addition to our new home, I have decided to step down as President after 7 years, with new work commitments its been very busy for me and I couldn’t devote the time needed to maintain the position. Margo Dornan will run for nomination at the 2017 AGM and I look forward to transitioning over to Margo, who has been instrumental in guiding the club through these changes. Thanks for all your support over the years, it’s been a great experience and was a lot of fun. Looking forward to continuing to help out where I can with the club going forward.

Diana Harris joined us again this past year after returning to the Lower Mainland and stepped in as Vice-President, arranging judges for both the projection and print club meetings. Judges were carefully chosen, not only for their expertise in judging, but also for their varied photographic interests. Judges were introduced before the evaluation, thanked afterwards and given a $35 honorarium along with a ticket to the North Shore Challenge. Diana left again on a new adventure in April and stepped down from her role. Norah Corbet has agreed to take on the VP position with assistance from Sheila Dallimore, they will share the responsibilities, with Norah introducing and thanking judges, while Sheila arranges for the judges.

Sheila will continue as Secretary, she has done a great job of handling the duties of organizing committee meetings, creating agendas and organizing the minutes of the meetings to ensure all actions and details are captured. Manrico Scremin, who has been our Treasurer for many years will transition that role to Kathryn McGarvey, while Kathryn trades responsibilities, Manrico will take on the Records and Statistics role. I know both Kathryn and Manrico will do a great job in their new roles.

Chris Stanley has been instrumental in running several key roles for the club, including Digital Submissions, Projections and Equipment Setup, and of course being the Coordinator for the North Shore Challenge. Chris will continue to hold multiple roles. The North Shore Challenge was once again a big success with over 30 clubs and over 120 individuals participating. Thanks for all the hardwork to make the Challenge a big success.

Carol Coleman once again did an excellent job as Print Coordinator, making sure that images were received, sorted, and displayed for our print night evaluation. Carol led the print submissions committee to choose prints for competition from the Gold and Certificate of Merit prints. Carol also coordinated the print competition at our club’s North Shore Challenge as well as our displays at the Centennial Theatre. The NSPS continued to score very well in several print competitions this past season.

Margo Dornan with Gregory Johnson’s help arranged our workshops and field trips, we had many great speakers and trips to great locations. This continues to be a key part of the club and helps our members get to know each other, while improving their skills.

Jessie-Ann Sled coordinated our membership. Welcoming guests, signing up new members and collecting fees. Jessie-Ann has decided to step down as the coordinator and Susan Stanley will take on the role as the membership coordinator for next season. We had a dip in membership this past year and would like to grow our membership to about 130 members, please do encourage your friends to check out the club. The best source of new membership is from friends of members.

Cecilia Silva took on the role of Digital Competitions Coordinator and quickly realized that she couldn’t keep up with both her work demands and the effort required for Digital Competitions. Victoria Low graciously stepped in as the Digital Competition Coordinator, and worked hard to bring in new committee members, Chris and Susan Stanley often held the meetings at their house, which offered a great environment for the committee. We achieved many great results throughout the year. Victoria has decided to step down and we are currently looking for a new Competitions Coordinator.

Web Administrator, Gregory Johnson did a lot of work to revamp our website and he made many enhancements to improve the security of the site. Gregory has decided to hand over the duties to Susan Stanley who graciously stepped in to this role.

Victoria Low and Kathryn McGarvery share the duties as scorekeeper to announce titles and scores and I believe will continue with the score keeping while recruiting Randy Singer to help up next year as well.

Diana Harris handled refreshments until she moved away and we will need a full time refreshments committee for next year. If no one steps in we may decide to no longer offer coffee and cookies and leave it up to each person to bring their own refreshments.

I have enjoyed my role as President of the North Shore Photography Society for the past 7 years. I am grateful to all of the club members who volunteered their time to help run the club. Thank you all for your assistance. I am happy to hand over the reigns to Margo Dornan and I know she will do a great job as the club moves to a new venue and we look for ways to improve the club, build our membership and continue to provide a great opportunity to learn and explore photography as a community of passionate photographers.

Jason Duncan