Print Submissions Guidelines

Print Submission Guidelines

Prints sized: minimum of 8 x 10” preferably matted within a white 16 x 20" mat.  Larger mats for big print, sand  coloured mats are acceptable for Prints, Critiquing Night

If you want your prints to be considered CAPA competition see below. In any case, there must be no writing, signatures or marks on the front of the mat.  No Frames or glass over prints.

A label as shown below, attached to the lower, left-hand side.




YOUR PRINT CATEGORY (colour or monochrome)

>Top of Image

Images that are sized and matted and backed as indicated below, will be considered for entry into competitions.  If the print committee selects a print, the photographer will be contacted for approval.  After we have results, the club’s placement (first, second, third or Honorable Mention) will be announced to the members as soon as received after any competition.  Images will be returned to the club on the print night after the committee meets or after the entry has been judged.

Images to be Considered for Competition

1. Prints  NSPS Print competitions size is 11" x 14”. or a minimum of 8" x 10”.

2.  White clean mats: 16" x 20” 

3.  Backing for competition must be a stiff white card the same size as the mat (16 x 20”).  Do not use foam core backing as this is not allowed in some competitions.

4.  All golds and CM's are considered for competitions if they conform to the requirements, above.  We do not have time to ask members to reprint and remat images prior to submission, so if you want your images to be considered, please size and mat accordingly.

5.  Again, there should be no writing on the front of the mat or on the image itself, and your label should be placed on the back, lower left hand side.

6.  Images not selected for competition will be returned to the club on print night after the committee meets to pick the club entry.  Images sent to competition will be returned as soon as the club receives them after judging.

7.  CAPA has a “Print – Open” competition for clubs in October and March, and there is a Pacific Zone Print Competition, also in March or April that is held in Richmond.  Any other competitions are by invitation and may come to our attention during the year.

If you have any questions

Carol Coleman, Print Co-ordinator at 604-988-4332, email: