NSPS Executive

Directors (2017-2018)

President Margo Dornan president@nsps.ca
Vice-President Norah Corbet vp@nsps.ca
Secretary Sheila Dallimore
Treasurer Kathryn McGarvey

Committee Members (2017-2018)

Past-President Jason Duncan
CAPA Liaison Len Grinke
Certificates Susan Stanley
Digital Competitions Coordinator Carol Coleman
Equipment Set-up Vacant
Backup: Vacant
Field Trip Coordinators Gregory Johnson and Margo Dornan fieldtrips@nsps.ca
Judging Coordinator Sheila Dallimore
Legal David Laronde
Membership Coordinator Susan Stanley
Backup: Vacant
North Shore Challenge Coordinator Chris Stanley challenge@nsps.ca
Print Coordinator Carol Coleman prints@nsps.ca
Print Retrieval Stephanie Alexandra
Backup: Vacant
Programs Coordinator Margo Dornan digital@nsps.ca
Projection Submissions Chris Stanley submissions@nsps.ca
Projectionist David Laronde
Backup: Chris Stanley
Publicity Len Grinke
Records and Statistics Manrico Scremin records@nsps.ca
Refreshments Vacant
Score Keepers Kathryn McGarvey and Randy Singer
Social Event Coordinator Peggy Sloan
Web Administrator Susan Stanley webmaster@nsps.ca