Centennial Theatre display “Canada 150”

To all NSPS Printmakers
Once again our club will be hanging images in the lobby of the Centennial Theatre.  The theme this time is “Canada 150” and you can submit images of Canada that you like or feel represents Canada to you – they do not have to be taken on the North Shore this time.
If you want to be considered for this display, please bring 4x6” prints to the first meeting – digital night, which will be Monday, September 11th.  You can bring  up to 6 images for consideration by the Selection Committee.  The finished prints (20 only) will be going up in early October (date to be confirmed) so this will give time for people to print, mat and frame their chosen images. If you do submit, you must be prepared to print the images 11 x 14” and mat in a white mat 16 x 20” to fit into a black exhibition frame.  Other sizes or styles will not be considered for this display as this is a requirement of the Theatre.  When the large print is made remember that there is to be no writing or signature on the front of the mat.  A card will be put on the front of the frame for display purposes. Current NSPS membership a requirement.


If you need more information or have Questions, please contact Carol Colman