Note to all Print Makers – Centennial Theatre “Canada 150”, “Inspired by the Impressionists”, and Preparing Prints for Display

Our current print display “Canada 150” is now up at Centennial Theatre. We have been invited to drop in to see it while the Theatre is closed – on Thursday, November 30th, 2017 at 4:45 pm. It will just be a short visit – no party – as the Theatre is extremely busy right now with various acts coming in and setting up.

Our new display – which will be needed sometime later in the spring – details to follow when available – will be “Inspired by the Impressionists”, which is to be your interpretation of a type of scene, or style that some of the impressionist painters would use. If you Google impressionist painters you will see quite a variety of examples of the impressionists and their art – of course, art books will have more information. This will leave it to you to experiment with styles and subjects to see what you can use to illustrate an “impressionist” photograph. Start printing 4 x 6” pictures and put them in a separate file so you can find them later if needed. You will need your name and a title on the back of the image for submission to selection committee.

Again, please be prepared to print larger images - 11 x 14" and, if picked, you will have to put the large image in a white 16 x 20" mat with opening for 11 x 14" print. You will also have to provide a 16 x 20” black, exhibition frame for each selected image. No writing to be on print or on the mat. I will remind everyone as we get closer to the submission date but do remember that prints and frames do cost money so don’t submit unless you are prepared to follow through. If you only want 1 or 2 to be considered do not submit a large number of images for consideration, as the selection committee does not pick images by photographer’s name but by the images themselves and we are always looking for variety. In other words, if you cannot afford to print and frame more than one or two images, only submit 2 prints to selection so that if they are chosen you know that you will be able to provide the finished, framed photograph.

Carol Coleman