Submitting a Digital Image


Please note, digital image submissions are available to NSPS members only.


A step-by-step guide by James W Stewart

Under the menu tab "Uploads" click on "Digital Image Upload Form"

Fill in the form as follows:

1. enter your email address (for example; click on Tab

2. enter your first name (for example: “Eleanor”); click on Tab

3. enter your second name (for example “Brown”; click on Tab

4. enter the number of your star rating (1,2,3,4, or 5 …nothing else.)

5. Go to “Select Image Files”, then to “Image A”, then click on “Browse.”

6. Find the folder in which your intended submittal files are located; highlight your “A” image with a single click.

7. With the cursor over the thumbnail of the image, wait for the little information window to appear adjacent, then on paper note down the pixel dimensions (first horizontal, then vertical.) Observe also the size of the image: if it is under 200 KB or above about 1500 kb you may have made an error in sizing.

8.  Double click on the thumbnail; your “A” image is now loaded.

9. Click on “Browse” for the “B” image and return to your file folder.

10. Select and load your “B” image, following the procedures used for the “A” image, above.

11. Fill in the “Title” space for each image.  Use any title you like, but do not exceed 40 characters. The titles you choose may be considered “NSPS titles” and need not contain the original file names from your image file folder.

12. Using your notes for reference, fill in the pixel dimensions for the two images in the appropriate places on the Upload Form.

13. Click the box for deadline acceptance.

14. Click “Submit”.

The uploading program is not yet fully refined and a few idiosyncrasies remain. The program is not happy about accepting a single image; it expects two. If you wish to submit a single image, upload the image as an “A” and again as a “B” entry.

If you have done everything right, there should be a message at the bottom of the form acknowledging acceptance and dispatch of your images. The data and the images are then automatically forwarded to me.

As a rule, I try to send an email to acknowledge every submission I receive. If you don’t receive an acknowledgment from me within a day or two, or at least prior to midday on the Saturday  before the scheduled Projection Night, let me know. This is the final security net.