President’s Message May 2012


The North Shore Photographic Society





The Annual General Meeting of the members of the North Shore Photographic Society held on Monday June 4, 2012 at 7:30 p.m. for the following purposes:

1.  Approving the minutes of the AGM held on June 6, 2011.  Copies available upon request.

2.  Receiving the President’s report on the past year’s activities.

3.  Receiving the financial statements for the year ended December 31, 2011 and the report of the current financial status.

4.  Resignation of current directors.

5.  Electing the Society's four Directors in accordance with the Society’s by-laws.

6.  Consideration of such other business as may properly be brought before the Meeting

7.  Adjournment



Directors: Candidates up for Election
President Jason Duncan
Vice-President Margo Dornan
Secretary Diana Harris
Treasurer Manrico Scremin


Executive Committee for 2012-2013
Print Coordinator Carol Coleman
Digital Competitions Coordinator VACANT
North Shore Challenge Coordinator Norah Corbet
Program Coordinators Peggy Sloan and
Sheila Dallimore
Field Trips Coordinators Diana Harris and
Margo Dornan
Records and Statistics Richard Kahle
Membership Coordinator Jessie-ann Sled
Web Administrator Michael Elkan
Publicity VACANT
Refreshments VACANT
Projectionists Bill Kearney and
Peter O’Brian (Backup)
Equipment Set-up Geoffrey Shuen and
VACANT (Backup)
Receipt of Digital Images VACANT (Bill Kearney filling in)
Score Keepers Marth Mckenzie and
Jason Duncan
Harmony Arts Coordinator Derek Sutton
CAPA Liaison Andrea Seraphim


NSPS  AGM  President’s Report

The Year In Review September 2011 – June 2012

The North Shore Photographic Society runs well because of the dedication of many volunteers.  Over 20 club members make up the executive and many other members assist each position.  In this report, I will summarize the positions and their responsibilities.  As well, I will outline modifications made to the running of the club, and proposed changes for the future.

Margo Dornan, vice-president, dis a great job arranging judges for both the projection and print club meetings.  Judges were carefully chosen, not only for their expertise in judging, but also for their varied photographic interests.  Judges were introduced before the evaluation, thanked afterwards and given a $10 Gas Card and complimentary ticket to the North Shore Challenge.  Margo has graciously agreed to stay-on as the Vice President

Bill Kearney did a great job handling the projection equipment and also stepped in to handle digital submissions.  Bill gathered the images, sorted and prepared them for display. Bill setup the projector for both projection night and program nights.  He also worked with George Safar to keep the projector properly calibrated, as well as setting up the projector at the Challenge.  Peter O’Brian has taken on the Backup projection role.  This has assisted Bill, however we need at least one or two more volunteers.  Bill is considering a combined role, that rotates between 3 people of the season.  Please let us know if you can help.

Geoffrey Shuen continued his great job helping he club with equipment setup.  Geoffrey also did a great job setting up the print displays and equipment as well as the scorekeeping tools for most of our evenings throughout the year.

Carol Coleman once again did an excellent job as Print Coordinator, making sure that images were received, sorted, and displayed for our print night evaluation.  Jason Duncan read the titles and scores on the evening.  Carol chose prints for competition from the Gold and Certificate of Merit prints. Carol also coordinated the print competition at our club’s North Shore Challenge as well as our three sets of displays at the Centennial Theatre including the Flamenco Rosario display, an open display and most recently the Lonsdale themed display at the Centennial Theatre.  The NSPS scored very well in several print competitions this past season, including first place in the CAPA spring print competition.

Peggy Sloan and Sheila Dallimore teamed up and took turns arranging talented Photographers to speak at our workshops each month as well as our session at the Silk Purse / Hollyburn Sailing Club.  Peggy and Sheila continue doing a great job putting together interesting workshops with many talented professionals as our guest speakers.  This continues to be an undervalued resource that the club provides.  Every month we have a talented expert on hand to teach us new techniques, all as part of our membership fee.  The club changed from the Silk Purse to the Hollyburn Sailing Club.  This was due to fee increases at the Silk Purse (due to loss of government funding).  Luckily Norah Corbet was able to help us get access to the Hollyburn Sailing Club at no charge for 3 nights per year. Sheila also spent many hours putting together a full program around the Flemenco Rosario.  Sheila held a session to instruct members on Flamenco dancing, as well as the exhaustive process to permit use of a select group of photos in the public domain and for display at Centennial Theatre.  Sheila is already in discussion for a similar event next year, which sounds very exciting in the early planning stages.  Thanks, ladies, for all of your hardwork in arranging our Program nights!

Jessie-Ann Sled did a great job coordinating our membership.  Welcoming guests, signing up new members and collecting fees and welcoming guests.  Jessie-Ann will continue as the membership coordinator for next season.  We would like to grow our membership to about 130 members, please do encourage your friends to check out the club.  The best source of new membership is from friends of members, and the NSPS website.  The Harmony Arts Festival and the North Shore Challenge are other sources of new members.

Diana Harris and Margo Dornan did a great job arranging the Field Trips, and once again came up with interesting ideas and locations.  Thanks to Michael Elkan, some of the field trip photography has been put into galleries on the website, and we look forward to more interesting trips next year.

Wilfred Lach did an excellent job as the Digital Competitions Coordinator, with the help of Victoria Low and the entire Selection Committee, who meet on a very regular basis to select images for the various competitions.  Our club presented well at all competitions.  The NSPS won The North Shore Photographic Challenge this year.  Individual members took home many individual honours thoughout the year.   Wilfred has summarized the results, which are listed on the website.  I believe that we are looking for a Competitions Coordinator for next year.

Our club fundraiser, The North Shore Photographic Challenge, was expertly coordinated by Norah Corbet, and ably assisted by Gorden Cornwall and Rick Shapka, as well as numerous other members, who all did a great job.  This 28th annual Challenge for digital images was held on March 3, 2012 at the Kay Meek Centre in West Vancouver. The North Shore Challenge is an annual event where invitations are sent to all photographic clubs who are members of CAPA in B.C. and the Yukon.  Each club is asked to submit 10 images from 10 different makers.  This year, 27 clubs participated for a total of 270 images.  The judging was done on the night of the showing buy three well-known B.C. photographers.  Our attendance showed a significant improvement over last year.  The event was a huge success, thanks to Norah, Gordon and Rick who did a wonderful job.  We also had many great door prizes including an Epson photo printer.  Norah, Rich and Gordon will head up the committee for 2013, which will be held at Kay Meek Theatre again.  We are exploring a number of enhancements to the challenge to encourage both our own members as well as others to attend.  We would like to see the attendance grow again, as we have many initiatives that will be dependent on the fundraising success of the Challenge.

Derek Sutton did a great job coordinating the Joint Photographic Exhibition and Sale at the West Vancouver Harmony Arts Festival August 2011.  This joint venture of the NSPS and the West Vancouver Seniors Photo Club hung and sold many member’s prints.  Members who displayed prints were also required to help with the running of the event.  Derek will once again be coordinating our display for 2012, stay tuned for emails and info posted to the website.

Michael Elkan continues to do a great job as Web Administrator keeping our website up to date.  This is is our club's primary source of information.  On Michael's recommendation, the club has engaged a freelance web designer to further develop the website on a phased approach.  The scoring database will be the first new development, which will modernize our scoring system and eventually allow members to access their scores and progress online though a secure, personal login. Other website enhancements in the pipeline include making monthly image submissions viewable by logged-in members to enable one-to-one feedback, questions and learning.

Our long time score keeper, John Davison unfortunately passed away in 2011. Martha Mckenzie and Jason Duncan shared the score-keeping duties to announce titles and scores. 

Richard Kahle continues to do a great job managing the existing scoring database, and keeps track of promotions for our members.  Jessie-Ann Sled has done a great job taking the initiative to get us up to date on certificates, so we are now caught up and again will be handing out certificates and recognizing our members accomplishments on a regular basis at our meetings.

Our refreshments were a little bit dis-jointed this past year, as we had difficulty finding volunteers to take on this role.  Fortunately many of our regular volunteers did double duty to keep the coffee and cookies flowing.  Donna and Rick Shapka have taken on a refreshments on regular basis, but we still need help in this area

Andrea Seraphim held the role as our CAPA representative.  Andrea did a great job and will once again keep us informed of CAPA events and changes that effect our club.

Diana Harris took over the role of secretary last year and will continue her great work in this role. Our Secretary is an important role to make sure that minutes are kept and communications with other clubs and mail is collected. 

Manrico Scremin again did a great job as the club's Treasurer,  handling all of the finances.  He ensures that all of our bills are paid on time and appropriately and that we keep to our budget.

We are looking for a member to help with publicity.  This will ensure we maintain our membership numbers and promote the club in the community as a great outlet for photographers to learn and enjoy their passion with our talented members.

I have enjoyed my role as President of the North Shore Photography Society for the past year.  I am grateful to all of the club members who volunteered their time to help run the club.  Thank you all for your assistance.  We would greatly appreciate a few more members to consider taking on a small role to help improve our club.  As always, I am open to your ideas and suggestions to improve the club.


Jason Duncan President







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