May Promotions and Honour Roll



Promoted members please ensure that you make future evaluation submissions in your new Star Level.

In fairness to other members, scores incorrectly awarded in a lower Star Level will have to be discounted.




Date: Author: Category: New  Level:
07-May-12  Bill Kearney Projections Star 4
14-May-12  Sharon Shales Monochrome Star 4
14-May-12  Susan McMaster Colour Star 2
07-May-12  Keith Purchase Projections Star 5 - Add to HR
07-May-12  Garry Cotter Projections Star 5 - Renew HR
07-May-12  Roberta Dixon Projections Star 5 - Renew HR
07-May-12  David Laronde Projections Star 5 - Renew HR
07-May-12  Nancy Ricker Projections Star 5 - Renew HR
07-May-12  John Wei Projections Star 5 - Renew HR
14-May-12  Lenora Shier Colour Star 5 - Renew HR




Five Star Honour Roll

Date: Author: Category:
09-Jan-12  Betty Andres Projections
07-May-12  Garry Cotter Projections
05-Dec-11  Betty Davis Projections
07-May-12  Roberta Dixon Projections
09-Jan-12  Michael Elkan Projections
06-Jun-11  Judith Fisher Projections
05-Mar-12  Peter Holmes Projections
07-May-12  David Laronde Projections
12-Sep-11  Charles Patrick Projections
07-May-12  Keith Purchase Projections
07-May-12  Nancy Ricker Projections
06-Feb-12  Lenora Shier Projections
09-Jan-12  Jessie-Ann Sled Projections
07-May-12  John Wei Projections
16-Apr-12  Carol Coleman Monochrome
16-Apr-12  Carol Coleman Colour
12-Mar-12  Peter Holmes Colour
14-May-12  Lenora Shier Colour


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