Star Level Criteria

All new members begin at Star Level 1 in each category (Projection, Colour Prints and Monochrome Prints). When the criteria below are met for a given category the member is promoted to Star Level 2 for that category and so on. A promotion certificate is issued and this member will enter the next star level beginning once again at zero. For the purpose of promotion from one level to the next, Gold and a Certificate of Merit will have equal value.


Star level criteria are as follows:

Star 1 to Star 2 3 Gold Awards/Certificates of Merit Plus Total of 20 Points
Star 2 to Star 3 6 Gold Awards/Certificates of Merit Plus Total of 40 Points
Star 3 to Star 4 12 Gold Awards/Certificates of Merit Plus Total of 60 Points
Star 4 to Star 5 20 Gold Awards/Certificates of Merit Plus   Total of 200 Points


Star level evaluations are based on the following criteria:

Star 1

  • Correct exposure
  • Subject in focus
  • Basic composition

Star 2 Level 1 requirement plus:

  • Appropriate depth of field
  • No distracting elements
  • Competent use of composition and suitable light

Star 3 Level 2 requirements plus:

  • Critical depth of field
  • Correct use of light

Star 4 Level 3 requirements plus:

  • Creative photographic technique
  • Attention to detail

Star 5 Level 4 requirements plus:

  • High artistic merit

For members who have achieved level 5, there is an added incentive award: The Honour Roll.
A member must receive one Certificate of Merit or 8 gold evaluations within any 12 month period to obtain Honor Roll status.
To remain onThe Honour Roll, members must re-qualify each 12 month period.

Each year the Sharon Ellington Trophy is presented to the member that achieves the highest cumulative score, in one category, from the previous season’s submission of 20 images.