Flamenco Rosario Exhibition

NSPS exhibition “Flamenco Rosario Captured”

Opening:  Thursday, October 27th, 2011
The Centennial Theatre
2300 Lonsdale Avenue
North Vancouver, British Columbia
Many Thanks to all those who helped with the Flamenco Rosario photo shoot and our NSPS exhibition at Centennial Theatre titled “Flamenco Rosario Captured”.  The exhibition starts Thursday, October 27th, and runs after the November 25th, Flamenco Rosario performance at Centennial Theatre.Our first thanks go to Margo Gram, Cultural Services Coordinator at Centennial Theatre for inviting us to do the photo shoot.  Also for arranging an information performance at Centennial Theatre with Rosario and her dancers.   A most enjoyable evening whereby they performed many examples of Flamenco dance and included an explanation of the dances and the accompanying music.

The photo shoot was held at Waterfront Theatre on Granville Island.  There was a good attendance.  People said they enjoyed the experience.  There is a lot to learn and some said they wished they could go back the next day to do it over again.

We had 85 images submitted, of which 35 were rejected for showing in the “public domain”.  Many thanks to Gregory Johnston for assembling all the images, submitting them to Rosario, and getting the accepted ones ready for the Selection Committee, as well as producing the list of “yes” or “no” images.

Our Selection Committee of Roberta Dixon, Doreen Burcham, Carol Coleman and Victoria Low made the selection of the 20 winning images.  Bill Kearney assisted with projection and collating the images as they were assigned points.  For the 20 winning images and the photographers, please see Carol Coleman’s website information on the Selection Committee reports.

Carol Coleman has made up the Information Cards for the NSPS and Rosario Flamenco to go with the exhibition as well as the display cards for each print. She contacted Centennial Theatre for arrangements for hanging our exhibition, and collected and delivered the framed prints.

The biggest thank you goes to all who participated in the photo shoot and submitted their images.  The exhibition will give the NSPS added visibility in our community.

Rosario sends her thanks: “Thank you, and please thank all photographers, the photos are just beautiful!!”

Sheila Dallimore  NSPS Programs



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