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October Program Night

Topic:  Nature in its Glory

Presenter: Jess Findlay

Date:  Monday  October 27th, 7:30 pm

Venue: St Anthony’s Church, 2337 Inglewood Avenue, West Vancouver


At a young age, Jess Findlay has received awards for Nature’s Best and BBC’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year.  He guides nature tours in Alaska’s Aleutian Islands, and nature photography workshops in Ecuador, Peru and here in British Columbia.”

In 2008, Jess received a hand-me-down camera from his father and his love of the outdoors soon evolved into a love for documenting what he saw during his adventures, namely birds.

Now, after spending time exploring throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond, Jess is a full-time photographer focusing almost exclusively on wildlife and landscape photography.  Combining his interests in both these genres, Jess has developed a unique style of contextual, story telling animal images.

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