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Fraser Valley Invitational

The Fraser Valley Invitational, the annual competition held by the Langley Camera Club, is coming up on May 10th, 2014.

Please forward any images that fit the subject INDUSTRIAL IMAGES to the selection committee by March 31, 2014 at david@heartworksphoto.comThe images do not have to have been previously submitted to the club.

If you have questions as to what Industrial is please see the Langley Camera Club website for requirements.

NOTE the important rules from the FVI website:

‘INDUSTRIAL’ – The Process – How, Where, Who, What
The intent is the word ‘INDUSTRIAL’ as it relates to industry, Therefore entrants are encouraged to submit images showing the ‘PROCESS’.

Digital images must be in JPEG format, and sized as max height 1050 pixels, by max width 1400 pixels, regardless of orientation. Images must use SRGB color space. Langley Camera Club will ask that you re-submit entries that do not comply so that the integrity of the image’s aspect ratio is preserved for best viewing.

To encourage creativity, we ask that entrants avoid using the word “INDUSTRIAL’ in image titles.


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