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Selection Committee

The new Selection Committee consists of the following people:

Henrick Nilsson, Brenda Douglas, Mark Bates, Pamela Joe MacFarlane, Michael Elkan, Nancy Ricker, Judith Fisher, Keith Purchase, Victoria Low, Gregory Johnson and Roberta Dixon (Chair).

People chosen to sit on the committee are those the group feels are creating high-quality photographs. What is also very important is diversity regarding subject matter and style.

All images submitted to projection night are evaluated by the group using a specific process. When images are projected there is a five-second consideration before any comments are offered. This is to allow for a good viewing, especially for those images that are more complex. Next, members may offer comments using specific support for their considerations. Then, if two or more members feel the image should be scored, we offer a score for the image based on a three, four and five system with five being the top score. All members indicate a score and the average is determined. This is done to help the committee chose images for competitions without having to look at all of them again. Also, we may choose some images that fit into certain themed categories such as sports or altered reality.

We meet on Thursdays at the West Van Memorial Library on Marine Drive, and do have room for between three or four club members to come and observe if they wish. Please see Roberta if you would like to attend, so we can determine numbers – first come, first served.

Our meeting dates for the year are as follows:

October 9

October 27 (Monday)

January 8

February 12

March 12

April 23

June 11

Respectfully submitted – Roberta Dixon

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