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CAPA Competition: Greeting Cards / Notecards


Hello print makers and in particular to all individual members of CAPA.

Each year CAPA has several competitions that are only open to individual and family members. 

Greeting Cards/Notecards competition (deadline November 15th) and the postcard competition (deadline May 15th) are two competitions for individual members only.  These are fun competitions for print makers and I know that many printmakers do make cards during the year and this is a good way to enter your work.  You can enter up to 4 cards per division but it is not necessary to enter both types of cards or to enter a total of 4 cards.

Briefly, greeting cards (maximum size 5x7) with an image either printed or fastened to it) must have a verse written on the inside; note cards do not have a verse on the inside.  Most people print a 4x6 image and attach to a card blank but some will print directly onto the card blank - either is acceptable.  You must include a note with your name, title of card, capa number, address, phone number, email address and sign the note so that we know we have your authorization to judge the cards.  There must be no name showing on the front of the card.

Full information is given on the CAPA website:  When you go to the site - move to the 7th tab on the top line "Competitions" enter this and then go down to the box "Competitions Guide 2012-2013 and entry forms", enter this and you will get to a letter from Leonie Holmes, Director of Competitions.  At the bottom of this letter, there are several lines in red - 3rd line down enter CAPA competitions Guide and a full description of all competitions will appear.  Information on cards starts on page 7 - postcards start at the bottom of page 8 and go to page 9.

If you do decide to enter, please email me ( with your name and the title of your cards and if they are greeting or note cards.  All of your cards should be placed in one envelope and mailed to me at 623 East Kings Road, North Vancouver V7B 1J6 so that they reach me by November 15th.  You can also give me your entry at a club meeting night.  If you have any questions, please contact me for more information.

Carol Coleman
Exhibition Standards, CAPA


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